Small Is Beautiful

There’s a small percentage of the population who reach a point in life where they decide what they have is enough. This realisation can come early or late in life. That does not mean money is not important it just means there are other priorities.

What is enough is different for different people. Many have responsibilities they need to fund while others are prepared to live simply IF they have sufficient to pursue their passion.

You may think this is all a bit hippy or trendy Buddhist and that’s fine. There’s long been a learned movement towards ‘small is beautiful’  but it’s always been on the fringes of society.

For better or worse the people who work here subscribe to the principle of enough is enough. It’s impossible to scale such an organisation. There’s a small pool of people available to work with and growth is a concept that does not fit.

A traditional organisation often believes we did ‘X’ turnover last year, this year we need to beat that by as much as possible. Growth is their aim. They need to keep turning the wheel, doing as much as they can. Our approach is different.

We are not like those awful GIF’s you may see of someone swinging in a hammock on a sunny beach while working on a laptop. We focus on the task in hand and work hard to deliver good work. It’s just the reasons we work are different.

Finally, a link to the parable of the Mexican fisherman . You may have read it before or think it’s nonsense but we like it.