How To Keep Existing Customers

Research indicates it costs between five and eight times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing customer. A key issue for many businesses is how to keep existing customers happy and onboard. Levels of service have a major impact on customer retention but less obvious is...

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B2B Marketing Agency Client Relationships – What Changed?

Relationships between a B2B marketing agency and its client used to be easy to define. Then along came the concept of inbound marketing and everything changed. In the past, the agency/client process tended to follow the steps outlined below: A Client has a need/requirement. Several marketing...

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4 Advantages and Disadvantages Of Inbound Marketing

Before considering the advantages and disadvantages of inbound marketing a definition is appropriate. According to David Meerman Scott ‘inbound marketing is about developing marketing activities that ‘pull’ people into your site, generally through compelling content creation, rather than those...

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Improving The Marketing And Sales Relationship

In this post, we consider possible ways to improve the marketing and sales relationship. In B2B organisations, the friction between marketing and sales departments is an age-old issue. Sales teams, often under pressure to meet aggressive targets, may engage with prospects that offer no long-term...

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9 Key Inbound Marketing Skills

In B2B markets there has been a shift toward inbound marketing in recent years. This, in turn, has modified the skill sets required by marketers. Today the main skills inbound marketers need are:         Strategy, planning and segmentation.         The ability to write high quality, engaging,...

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5 Reasons To Use An External Marketing Team

What are the advantages of an external marketing team compared to the in house approach? Is an external marketing agency just another cost or can they deliver real benefits? This post sets out to answer those questions. Outsourcing marketing to an experienced marketing team delivers several...

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