Where To Find High Quality Engaging Content


It is universally accepted that any content delivered must be both engaging and of the highest quality if it is to stand out in an increasingly competitive online landscape. The challenge is where to find such content in sufficient quantity.

To research and write quality new content requires specialist skills and significant time and effort. In many cases generating sufficient new content to satisfy the requirements of the marketing plan is just not practical. Finding existing information in the business that can be converted to something of value to customers and prospects should therefore be a priority.

Use Existing Sources Of Quality Content

Many businesses sit on a wealth of information that could easily be updated or modified to be of use to prospects and customers. Old sales information is often a great place to start but remember the purpose of content marketing is to inform, not deliver pushy sales messages. Old press releases, newsletter content, exhibition brochures and information packs are all useful resources.

The company sales department will be in constant communication with the customer base. They should therefore be well aware of the most common questions and issues that arise. It is probable these issues will have been addressed previously leaving a trail of information that could be converted into high quality content or even a mini case study on how a customer problem was resolved.

Whatever market issues or trends are raised in company meetings or inter department communication are, most likely, also of interest to the prospect or customer base. If confidentiality issues can be addressed then this information can be of real value to the customer base.

Developing New Content

Most businesses employ people, often outside the sales and marketing department, who have a strong (often controversial) opinion on the market, technology and / or trends. If these people can be persuaded to deliver a regular post or article it can be some of the most engaging content available. Publishing this content also takes some of the new content generation load off the marketing department.

A New Focus For Content

Reading back through old posts or articles can prove to be useful. Some articles may be completely outdated and / or inaccurate and should be deleted but many more will benefit from updating, re-writing or focussing on an entirely different area than originally planned.

The above covers just a few of many potential existing information sources that may be converted into high quality, engaging content. Producing new content is a constant challenge that is time consuming and requires specialist skills. Anything to reduce the workload should be welcomed.