We deliver marketing support to management teams engaged in business turnaround after a buy out or re-structure.

Any team involved in business turnaround or re-structure needs to get the message out that things in the business have changed for the better. There are often many critical issues to focus on and marketing can often be at the bottom of the pile.

Maintaining (ideally growing) revenue is crucial. It is understandable if that leads to a lack of focus on what really makes the business stand out from the rest and a reactive rather than a focussed approach. This approach may work in the short term but ultimately lead to reducing margins and poor return on resources employed.

As experienced strategic marketers we can review your marketing strategy, check it is valid and the numbers stack up. As a second set of eyes we may be spot issues you have missed. Alternatively, we can build marketing strategy from the bottom up.

With a background in products and technology marketing can review the existing product range and based on solid research make recommendations on line pruning and/or new products.