We work with management teams engaged in business turnaround after a buy out or re-structure as their turnaround marketing team.

Any team involved in business turnaround or re-structure needs to both generate sales and get the message out that things in the business have changed for the better. Results are often needed fast but there are lots of issues to focus on and marketing can often be at the bottom of the pile.

As an experienced outsourced business turnaround marketing team we can take on the entire marketing function (from strategy to delivery) leaving the management team to get on with running the business. Alternatively we may only deliver a relatively small selection of marketing tools and services, or marketing advice as required. Given a brief we work away in the background delivering appropriate messages to the marketplace and a consistent stream of sales leads.


As qualified marketers we can review your marketing strategy, check it is valid and the numbers stack up. As a second set of eyes we may be spot issues you have missed. Alternatively, we can build marketing strategy from the bottom up.


We can review the existing product range and based on solid research make recommendations on line pruning / extensions.

Outsourced B2B Marketing

Our team are experienced in a wide range of marketing disciplines and our services can be switched on / off as required. Usually, intensive work is required initially which tends to ramp down to a care and maintenance function over time. An outsourced team allows the marketing function to be resourced effectively without the need to hire staff.


Our services do not stop at marketing. As a Director of Northern Business Advisers Phil Smith can call on a wide range of experienced advisers to assist the turnaround management team as required.