We deliver a B2B sales leads generation process based on the best elements of inbound and outbound marketing that:

  • Builds credibility.
  • Touches and engages existing customers.
  • And reaches out to new prospects and markets.

To ultimately grow sales

We build a robust, measurable and repeatable marketing process to deliver an ongoing stream of high quality B2B sales leads. All our experience shows Ad Hoc marketing that is reactive and jumps from the latest marketing fad to the next is a waste of time, cash and resources.

Business promotion techniques, and marketing in general, have changed dramatically in the past three years. There has been a major shift in how customers engage with potential suppliers. Many of the most forward thinking businesses now employ an inbound marketing approach claiming that it delivers more high quality sales leads at lower cost.

While we agree inbound marketing is the best way forward we also recognise there are problems with its implementation and many outbound marketing techniques remain valid. We integrate the best inbound and outbound marketing has to offer to match the unique needs of our client. Our experienced outsourced marketing team then manages and delivers the process in full generating high quality B2B sales leads for your sales team to progress to close.

Our approach is based on both ensuring our clients business is promoted on the most popular channels used by customers to research supplier information AND proactively reaching out to clients with valuable and engaging information that aids the sales process.

It can be difficult to staff an in house marketing department to cover both the peaks and troughs in demand for marketing input and the wide range of marketing skills required for success. New product introductions, changes in company direction, attacking new markets, managing a business crisis or exhibitions and events can all place short to medium term strains on marketing resources.

We have in house expertise in the full range of marketing tools and services necessary to deliver a successful outsourced B2B marketing campaign including:

Planning The Marketing Process

Planning is crucial to the inbound marketing process. Without a plan content is unlikely to be delivered on a consistent basis, the content delivered will lack the required variety and delivery may be made via an inappropriate channel.

Market / Channel research

There is little point creating content if it is not delivered to a point where it may be found by the target audience. We research where target prospects tend to look for information to guide their research into relevant products / services.

Copywriting / Content Sourcing

The fuel for the process. Copywriting new content, editing existing content and acting as the editor in chief.

Marketing Project Management

With a plan in place there needs to be someone in place to pull everything together to deliver on that plan (in house or outsourced). Various sources of content must be prioritised, edited and prepared for release.

Website Design and Development (including E-Commerce)

The business website should be an information hub customers and prospects may be referred back to for further information. It should facilitate subscription and progress the sales process.

Search Engine Marketing

Part of the process is to drive identified prospects and customers to the website for further information. The other is to ensure the website may be found by others searching for information. Search engine marketing is crucial to ensure the website may be found.

Blog Platforms and Blogging

Blogging is key both from an SEO viewpoint and as a key means to deliver content, engage with prospects and customers and build credibility. Content is the fuel for the process.

Contact Management and CRM Systems

Support function for the content management process. Without customer / prospect data in one place and a simple means to deliver content on a automated basis the process will fail.

Email Marketing and EMail Subscription

A major element of a ongoing customer engagement and prospecting process. Once engaged prospects and customers must be retained via a well designed subscription process.

Social Media

An important content delivery and link building (SEO)channel

Case Study Marketing

Proven to be one of the best sources of content for building credibility

Analytics and Measurement

Key to the process. Measure, adapt and improve.


A structured ‘warm calling’ approach designed to both generate sales leads and gather Email addresses for ongoing communication.


Planning and implementation.

For an informal discussion about what combination of marketing tools may deliver the best return for your business call us on 01670 513378.