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Our Focus

We do not have the resources to work with larger clients and never will. We have no interest in growing our business – Here’s why. We aim to remain focussed and flexible to support our clients as and when we are needed.

The Issue Of Scale

Large clients tend to have large customer bases. To support an ABM process at scale requires automation. If we are to avoid large scale automation we cannot work with larger clients.

The traditional view of ABM is to use technology (data) to deliver the content a decision maker may need at the point they need it. What if there was another way? Put humans in the loop to make decisions rather than technology. Of course, this cannot be done at scale.


In our view, a level of automation is necessary. It’s just large scale automation leads to a lack of real insight into what is happening in the marketplace. Automation, in our humble opinion, leads to data blindness. Like snow blindness, it makes it difficult to see what is right in front of you.

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