We recognise any in house member of staff responsible for marketing may have grown up with the business, their experience may be industry specific, only outbound based, or they may lack experience or skills in key elements of the inbound marketing mix. We offer whatever level of B2B marketing training or support may be appropriate until the in house marketing person or team is ready to take on the marketing process in part or in full. Unlike a traditional marketing agency we leave a legacy after we are gone.

We deliver real time on the job training by working closely with the trainee from day one of our contract explaining why we perform certain tasks and the benefits to the business, showing the trainee how to perform the task then monitoring their performance until we consider them fully trained. We deliver the marketing skills training your business needs to grow and outperform the competition in the medium to long term.

With the B2B lead generation process in place and the designated marketing person (or team) trained on how to take that process forward our contract terminates. However, if necessary we will continue to mentor if required.

To learn more about our B2B marketing training programs call 01670 513378, Email, or visit our how we work page.