We work with clients to develop a robust B2B marketing strategy. We then build a plan and implement that plan in full delivering a customised B2B marketing process tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

The lack of a strategic plan often leads to a lack of business focus and a ‘me too’ mentality. This results in little differentiation from the competition and a customer focus on price alone.

Without a strategy and plan there tends to be little consistency and money is often wasted on ad hoc promotional activities with no real purpose. Opportunities are often missed and there is no benchmark against which to measure performance.

An effective B2B marketing strategy and planning process requires research, customer segmentation, identification of key issues, evaluation of the best route forward, objective setting, and preparation of detailed plans and strategies to achieve those objectives. The process does not need to be complex or time consuming (or expensive) but it is, in our opinion, essential.

It is not possible (in our opinion) to build a process to deliver high quality leads that result in profitable business without a solid strategy and plan. We have extensive experience of B2B marketing strategy and planning in a wide range of businesses from start ups to mid sized high technology businesses. To learn more email or call 01670 513378 for a no obligation initial discussion.