We work with clients to develop a solid, top level, B2B marketing strategy. We then break it down into a detailed plan and implement that plan based on the most effective mix of inbound (content) and outbound marketing.

Why Invest In A Strategic B2B Marketing Plan?

The lack of a strategic plan often leads to a lack of business focus and a ‘me too’ mentality. This results in little differentiation from the competition and a customer focus on price alone. Without a plan there tends to be little consistency and money is often wasted on ad hoc promotional activities with no real purpose. Opportunities tend to be missed and, crucially, there is no benchmark against which to measure performance and make reasoned decisions based on the results.

An effective B2B marketing strategy and planning process requires detailed research, customer segmentation, identification of key issues, evaluation of the best route forward, objective setting, and preparation of detailed plans and strategies to achieve those objective. With the marketing plan in place delivery must be managed using robust measurement and control processes. We have extensive experience of all aspects of manufacturing, distribution and B2B services marketing strategy and planning.

We work with you to understand your objectives, what makes your business stand out from the rest and the challenges you face. We then prepare and agree a strategic plan and deliver it in full as your marketing department training your in house person or team as we go. To learn more call 01670 513378 for a no obligation initial discussion.