Our aim is to deliver the highest possible ROI from marketing activity. Every business and market sector is different we therefore deliver a customised B2B marketing process tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Focussed on high quality sales lead generation we develop a marketing system combining the best elements of inbound and outbound marketing that is fuelled by engaging and valuable information (content) in various forms.

Initially working as an external marketing department we bring expertise in a wide range of marketing disciplines including strategy, product marketing, inbound marketing and content delivery, content based SEM, Email, online and traditional marketing. Our expertise is in the Business to Business sector, specifically manufacturing, technology, distribution and B2B services.

With a successful B2B marketing process in place we train your internal person (or team) how to take that process forward over the long term. There are several key elements to our approach including:

STRATEGY – If the top level strategy is wrong the entire marketing system is likely to fail. Our first step is to work with clients to understand their business and the marketplace. This does not need to be a long winded and resource intensive process but it is an essential first step

PROCESS – With a strategy and objectives in place we combine the best outbound and inbound marketing techniques to address the situation and deliver the highest ROI. We always include measurement points to ensure we have the relevant data on which we may base process optimisation decisions.

DELIVERY – We deliver the B2B marketing process in full ensuring everything is integrated and automated (as far as practical) and to maximise efficiency and minimise costs.

MEASUREMENT – We use a variety of measurement tools and techniques to ensure the process delivers as expected. With quality data in place we make adjustments as required to maximise ROI.

TRAINING – We train your designated in house person or team to ensure we leave a legacy after we are gone. Alternatively, we will remain as marketing mentors to deliver ongoing guidance.

INTERIM MARKETING – We will act as your interim marketing manager, delivering the full range of B2B marketing services for a period up to 6 months while you take the time to find and employ the correct person to fill the role on a long term basis.

For an informal discussion to establish if our B2B marketing services may fit with your business call us on 01670 513378 or Email