In House v Outsourced Marketing


Is outsourced marketing really the best option given an in-house team will always be closer to customers, products and markets than any outsourced agency ever will? With limited internal resources and ongoing demand for more quality sales leads an external marketing agency can be an attractive choice but it may not be the best approach. We compare in house v outsourced marketing

Current best B2B marketing practice tends to be based on pull (inbound) rather than the old push (outbound) marketing techniques. Pull marketing is based on attracting potential customers to a business, on their terms, at a point they are ready to engage.

A key element of inbound marketing is a content marketing process based on delivering useful, engaging content to prospects. The content should satisfy a prospects information needs and guide them back to engage with the business at relevant points during the sales cycle. The question then is who is best placed to deliver the process.

A content marketing process only works if the audience is specifically identified, the content is targeted at the needs of that audience, the delivery method ensures the content has the best chance of reaching its target and there is a measurement and review procedure in place to feedback what is working well and what is not. With a process built it may be automated to bring in a consistent supply of quality enquiries.

An in house marketing department will always be better placed to know the audience and their needs than any outside agency. Sources of existing content and those able to deliver a view of interest and use to potential customer will reside within a business not outside. Any content generated by the business will always have more authenticity than anything delivered by an outsourced marketing team.

A experienced external marketing team will often be better placed to research the best content marketing delivery channels and set up delivery via those channels. Crucially, they are also more likely to have the expertise to build a marketing and content delivery plan. An outside set of eyes is often best placed to identify the real selling points that distinguish a business from its competition.

Often, in house marketing departments grow up with a business. Although they may have an excellent understanding of the business products and services, the customer base and markets it is difficult for a small marketing department to keep up with the latest marketing thinking. A small in house team will often lack the range of expertise to deliver the wide range of marketing tools and services required by a successful content marketing campaign.

The answer to the question does in house or outsourced marketing deliver most value is not an easy one to assess as ultimately it depends on the skills of the existing in house team, the time they have to take on more tasks and their ability to learn new marketing tools and techniques. It is only if any of these elements are missing can outsourced marketing deliver any real value.