How We Work

As your UK based business marketing team We deliver the marketing skills you need, when you need them. We install an integrated marketing process that delivers a high ROI with less waste.

We either work as your complete marketing team or with elements of your in house team. We will also mentor individual members of your team if required.

We offer a range of services as follows:

FULL SERVICE – Our UK business marketing team designing, delivering and managing the B2B marketing process in full.

DIRECTOR SUPPORT SERVICE – Working with your marketing director we take on the day to day marketing function leaving your director free to concentrate on strategic issues rather than managing multiple agencies.

CONTENT SUPPORT – We will deliver a content marketing process as a bolt on to your existing marketing process. We produce appropriate content and use that content to both collect opt in EMail addresses and build high quality content based backlinks to improve your website SEO.

DEPARTMENT SUPPORT – Assisting your in house marketing department as required to cover peaks in demand, one off events or skills gaps.

AD HOC SUPPORT – Available to existing and past clients only. Call upon individual services as and when required.

Please contact us on 01670 513378 for further information.

After an initial exploratory discussion we arrange to meet with you  to discuss your aims and objectives, your current operations and what sets your business apart from the rest. This meeting usually takes between one and two hours and gives us a chance to establish the extent of our involvement, the returns available and if we can work together. There is no charge for this meeting.

Within five working days of our meeting we deliver a proposal (at no charge) detailing our suggested way forward with full commentary, costs and KPI’s. It may be we will take on your entire marketing activity as an outsourced marketing department or work with your existing team to deliver specific marketing tools, skills or experience.

In most cases we work on a fixed monthly fee so you are aware of your costs on a monthly basis. In some months we will be very busy, in others less so, but the monthly fee (during any quarter) remains the same.

If we are engaged month 1 always involves understanding your market and business in some detail and building a detailed strategy and plan including objectives and KPI’s.

With the plan in place we deliver on the plan for three months measuring results as we go. At the end of the three months we review deliverables and results and sign an agreement for the next three months.

For a no obligation initial discussion call 01670 513378.