Flexible B2B Marketing Support

Once we have had an initial chat and agreed there may be a way forward we will need to meet with you to understand your business, your market and your needs. At this meeting we will sketch out how we may be able to help before going away to produce a firm marketing support proposal.

Our proposal will detail what we will do, in what timescales, the deliverables, how we expect the deliverables will impact on your business and, of course, costs. We don’t have hourly rates or standard rates for tasks we provide a cost to deliver on a project.

Crucially our proposal will detail what we will need from you and your team.  Let’s be clear up front – we will need some of your teams time on an ongoing basis. We don’t need a lot of their time but we will need some. We don’t need to be camped on your premises. The miracle of modern communications means we can work remotely.

We do not have account managers (but we do have internal project managers) so whatever the task may be your team will talk with the relevant person within our team. Unlike most agencies we are not always trying to extend our engagement or find another piece of work we can do. We take the view if our clients like what we do they will come back to us if/when they are ready for another project. We offer flexible B2B marketing support you may call upon as required.