Flexible B2B Marketing Support


To implement best B2B marketing practice while covering peaks and troughs in demand can be difficult. Marketing, particularly digital marketing is changing at a rapid rate and providing the flexible B2B marketing support the sales team need is an increasing challenge.

Peaks in demand for marketing resources may be caused by a variety of factors including new product releases, the development of new sales channels, exhibitions and events, new capabilities, new business direction or crisis management. A marketing department with finite resources can often struggle to cope effectively and deliver the required results.

A further complication is the rise in Inbound marketing, particularly in B2B markets. Although inbound marketing has some well documented advantages it can be more resource intensive than push marketing, particularly when first making the transition from outbound to inbound.

Recruiting extra personnel to cover all eventualities can be problematic and costly. The traditional recruitment process of advertising, followed by interviewing and selection is often time consuming. There is always the risk of employing a person who does not fit with the existing company culture or fails to live up to expectations.

Developing a marketing department with the appropriate range of skills can also be a problem. This is a major issue when the demand for marketing support means in house personnel learn new skills in short timescales. It is difficult for a small group (and almost impossible for a single person) to possess the full range of marketing skills required in a modern business. The experience to apply those skills appropriately is not something that may be acquired in the short term.

Outsourcing part (or all) of the marketing function can be one solution. With an outsourced marketing department there are no recruitment fees, management costs, training fees, and holiday or employment costs. A good external B2B marketing support agency will possess a wide range of marketing skills that may be called upon as required.

To cover peaks in external flexible B2B marketing support may be employed on a short term basis then dispensed with. The in house team can then be suitably resourced to simply cover known, ongoing tasks and can be trained appropriately to deal professionally with only those tasks.

An in house B2B marketing team will always be closer to the business, its customers and markets and its competitors than any external marketing agency will ever be. The most flexible approach is therefore to run with a small internal team and call upon an outsourced flexible B2B marketing support team to cover peaks in demand and to deliver skills not available within the in house team.