Without investing in appropriate management there is little point investing in a plan. Ad hoc delivery of marketing activities with little cohesion and with no objective and measurement will only result in a waste of time and money. With a strategy in place and a process developed we act as a marketing delivery team.

Acting initially as your outsourced partner we undertake all marketing activities leaving you to get on with your business. As experienced B2B marketers we take on the entire marketing process on your behalf, delivering on time and without drama while training your in house person (or team)

With the business website established as the main information hub and resource centre we drive traffic to the website and engage with prospects to ensure they come back for more. We build a prospect base using a variety of techniques and nurture those prospects to the point they are a highly qualified lead ready for sales to take forward to closure.

We deliver marketing content using a wide range of channels including online trade and professional publications, Email, blogs, social media, white papers, webinars, videos, case study marketing and many more depending on what is most appropriate for the situation. Our objective is always to deliver marketing content that is of value, engages and delivers sales opportunities.

With the increase in marketing information published online existing and potential customers are becoming more selective about the information they trust and therefore read and engage with. Best B2B inbound marketing practice dictates it is important to deliver marketing content of value via the media that is both most trusted and most likely to be read, be it online or offline. We both perform our own research and take advice from our client’s sales department when deciding on the most appropriate marketing delivery channels.

In person events such as webinar, seminars, workshops and trade shows have been shown to build credibility and deliver a relatively high proportion of sales leads in B2B markets. We work with clients to build a base of content to be used at such events.

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