We are not a marketing agency. We do not have an in house team specialist in various elements of the digital marketing mix. We do not have account managers. We do not need to charge you a high price to cover these overheads. We deliver one highly experienced manager with the full range of skills required to build a plan and deliver a B2B lead generation process in full.

A typical marketing agency will attempt to maximise the length of their engagement. This typically means the ROI they deliver reduces dramatically over time. The agency retains the marketing skills so when they do depart they leave behind no lasting legacy. We train your in house person (or team) to take on the marketing process as soon as practical.

With over 20 years B2B marketing experience working for a range of SME’s and start ups in high tech markets Phil Smith established Striga Consulting in 2008 as a specialist marketing company to deliver B2B marketing support to small and medium sized businesses in manufacturing, distribution and B2B services.

Striga consulting deliver B2B marketing support across North East England and North Yorkshire. To learn more Email phil@striga.co.uk. or call 01670513378 You may download a summary of Phil’s experience here or visit our blog.